All journeys come to an end

Going through a divorce can be a long and painful journey for some of my clients, particularly those who believe that when they got married, they got married for life.

Some people consider that agreeing to stay married to someone, no matter what life throws at you both, is a ridiculous promise and one that may not be kept. Read more…

What happens if we decide to separate and don’t have grounds for divorce?

Clients sometimes tell me that they and their husband/wife have decided to separate, that they don’t have grounds for divorce and want to know what they should do next.

Clients sometimes want to know if they can have a “legal separation” and do they need to “tell anyone” that they are separating.

There is no such thing as an illegal separation if you and your partner agree that your marriage has come to an end and that you want to separate; there is absolutely no reason why you should not do so. The decision to live separately may have come quite easily however decisions about arrangements for any children and finances may not come so easily.

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How amicable can divorce/separation be?

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Family lawyers are prevented by their professional conduct rules from acting for/advising both parties when a marriage or relationship comes to an end. If you and your ex are fortunate enough to be able to sit down together to discuss the end of your relationship, the arrangements for your children and finances and reach agreement about all of that, it is sensible for at least one of you to obtain legal advice about your proposed arrangements to find out if they are in your best interests and will work.

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Ten Tips for Parents about Children and Separation

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Adapted from work by Jennifer McIntosh, Ph.D., North Carlton, Victoria, Australia

1. Parents have a large influence on children’s separation outcomes
To a great extent, your child’s outcomes after separation are in your hands. That’s the good news and the challenging news as well. The way you go about your life will make a difference to your children’s ability to cope with the family separation as well as their long term well-being.

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Testimonial by Miss Lynn H, Prudhoe

I did not use a search engine to find Colette Stroud, I asked around my circle of friends for a personal recommendation as I was concerned a generic www. search would lead me to the solicitor with the best website rather than the one with the best skills to help me through the fight I knew I was going to face, to come out the other side of my divorce with my sanity still intact.

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The joy of parenting

When a couple decide to have children it is usually a joint decision and when a pregnancy is confirmed they will both inevitably throw themselves into getting organised for the baby’s arrival.

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Being mindful

I was very lucky a little while ago to be able to take my Mum to Sorrento, Italy to celebrate her 80th birthday. She is an amazing woman, a joy to be with and great company. It was absolutely no hardship at all to spend a week with her.

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