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I am pleased to announce that I can now see clients in Whitley Bay as we have an office at Space@ which is situated at The Old Bank. 224-228 Park View, Whitley Bay, NE26 3QR.

As I live in Whitley Bay and think it is important to support my local economy and businesses, I am delighted to support Mark Ions and Space@ as well as being able to provide family law advice to new and existing clients in Whitley Bay and North Tyneside.

Space@ also has the advantage of being within walking distance of my home and is dog friendly which means that Daisy, my Border Terrier and I can walk to work which is good for our exercise levels and the environment, as I can leave the car at home.

As I am a Collaborative Lawyer, it is really apt that Space@ is described as a place where you can “Meet Collaborate Work”

A Collaborative Divorce is the process in which you and your partner and both your collaborative lawyers, commit to resolving matters between you without involving the court. It offers you the prospect of delivering a solution for the long term benefit of you and your family.

The collaborative approach is a respectful and dignified way of resolving issues as you separate and divorce. A client who decided to use the collaborative process said “We made the right decision to deal with this collaboratively. I feel that, although we separated, our family is still intact”

The collaborative approach can also be used by parents, who may or may not live together, whose relationship has ended and who need to make arrangements for their children.

If you find yourself facing the end of your relationship or are considering ending your marriage, do consider coming to see me at Space@ in Whitley Bay to have a chat about whether your relationship has come to an end and if it has, what options are available to you to resolve matters with your partner.



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