I did not use a search engine to find Colette Stroud, I asked around my circle of friends for a personal recommendation as I was concerned a generic www. search would lead me to the solicitor with the best website rather than the one with the best skills to help me through the fight I knew I was going to face, to come out the other side of my divorce with my sanity still intact.

From the initial meeting, Colette was direct and no-nonsense with her replies to my non-stop questions, this was what I wanted from my solicitor; I did not need her to wipe my tears, I have my friends and family for that, I needed to know that my solicitor would act professionally and diligently to see that my settlement would mean I had not been any further unfairly treated.

From that initial meeting I felt extremely comfortable but most importantly, a sense of confidence that she would deal practically with every aspect of the divorce.  Throughout, she delivered this and so much more, I could run out of superlatives.

I feared I would be ‘discussing’ the divorce with my ex for at least two years (this was based on knowing the man for over 25 years), but this incredible business woman did not let the grass grow, each letter was dealt with swiftly and before I knew it I was out the other side in just one year.

Don’t get me wrong, it was not plain sailing, there were times I was upset but on the occasions when, shall I just call it ‘dirty tricks’ were being attempted, Colette was straight on to the opposing side to explain fully that we were not falling for it.

To sum up my experience with Colette, you can listen to all the well intentioned advice from family and friends and research every available source but when it gets down to the actual navigation of the whole process, she had my back every single step of the way, she carried the weight that could have dragged me down; she is the expert.

The outcome was fair for everyone involved.  Using the services provided by Colette was one of my very best decisions.

Miss Lynn H, Prudhoe

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