Megan Markle’s Mother was the only member of her family to attend at her recent wedding to Prince Harry. Her Father was not able to attend due to ill health and her half siblings were not invited for reasons which I am not privy to, but may have had something to do with comments and interviews that they gave to the press.

Megan Markle’s (now the Duchess of Sussex) parents divorced when she was 6 years old, it would appear to have been a reasonably amicable separation because it would appear that she maintained her relationship with her Father and felt able to invite him to the wedding.

Alternatively, if it was not amicable, the Duchess of Sussex obviously felt confident that both her parents would behave like grown-ups to ensure that her wedding day was happy and stress free on the family front. This is not always the case when parents separate/divorce; sometimes, there is so much bitterness and acrimony between parents, that there is no prospect of them being in the same room at the same time ever again, let along attending one of their children’s weddings together.

It seems to me that if the children are quite young at the time of their parents’ divorce, a considerable amount of time will pass before they decide to get married. Time is a great healer and can often heal any rifts so that both parents can attend and celebrate together the happy day.

If the children are older at the time of their parents’ divorce then there may not be enough time for the rifts to heal which could create a problem. So what is the answer? The answer is that if your marriage comes to an end, whatever the ages of your children please choose to have a respectful dignified and mindful divorce and do not burn any bridges along the way.

Easier said than done I know. Easy for me to say, when your heart if broken, you have been lied to and left worrying about every aspect of your future but remember this, if you can pull it off, your children will love and respect you all the more for it, because you did it for them and put them first.

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